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    Pinhas Richard - Chronolyse

    faUSt - Fresh Air

    Faust - Fresh Air (LP + CD)

    Die Krupps - Stahlwerkrequiem (LP)

    Schnitzler C. & Pyrolator -CON-STRUKT

    Tarwater - ADRIFT

    Populare Mechanik - KOLLEKTION 03

    Schnitzler C. & Pyrolator -CON-STRUKT


    Hacke Alexander - CUT (OST, LP+CD)

    Lorenz Rudiger - SOUTHLAND (LP 180G)

    Cluster - USA LIVE (LP 180G)

    The US live recordings released in 1997 on Purple Pyramid as a double CD (entitled "First Encounter Tour") have been reworked and...

    Cluster - ONE HOUR (LP 180G)

    Cluster - JAPAN LIVE (LP 180G)

    This album features live recordings from concerts in Osaka and Tokyo from 1996. Tracing the arc of suspense in these improvisations, the equanimity...

    Tarwater - ADRIFT (LP + CD)

    "Adrift" is the latest and the twelfth studio album by Bernd Jestram and Ronald Lippok. The Berlin-based indietronics/neo krautrock duo has...

    Faust - SOMETHING DIRTY (LP 180G)