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    Eno Brian - Music For Films (LP 180G)

    Slaves - Acts Of Fear And Love (LP)

    Eno Brian - More Music For Film

    Genesis - Wind & Wuthering (LP)

    Pop Iggy - Lust For Life (LP 180G)

    Japan - Tin Drum (LP 180G)

    Blegvad Peter - Naked Shakespeare (LP)


    Pop Iggy - Idiot (LP 180G)

    Orchestra Super Mazembe - Kaivaska

    XTC - Skylarking (LP)


    Verve - Storm In Heaven (3CD + DVD)

    Verve - Urban Hymns (6xCD + DVD)

    Gaye Bykers On Acid - Drill Your Own Hole

    Pop Iggy - TV Eye Live 1977 (LP 180G)

    Pop Iggy - Idiot (LP 180G)

    Edgar Froese - Stuntman

    Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge

    Steve Hillage - Live Herold


    Massive Attack - No Protection (LP)

    Petrol Emotion ‎- End Of The Millennium Psychosis Blues

    UK, 1988

    Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge