Bohemiae Rosa / 25 – 31 August 2017

S i t e  B o d y  E x p l o r a t i o n
Morava River – The Czech Republic

International Interdisciplinary Open–Air Workshop for dancers and artists

exploring the relation among body, art and landscape 
led by Frank van de Ven and Milos Sejn
guest artist Günter Heinz

Participants profile: for artists and advanced students working in performance, dance, landscape art, sculpture, photography, architecture, theatre, visual arts, biology and natural history. Selection of participants will be based on c.v. and motivation letter. No previous (dance) training is necessary but the workshop will be physically demanding. A good overall condition is required.

The program will include:

•            MB (mind/body, muscles/bones) dance training

•            practice of and reflection on physical and mental training

•            walking and wandering, silent walk, pilgrimage and nocturnal journeys

•            various modes of experiencing body, movement and landscape

•            investigating divergent senses of space and time

•            peripatetic records, drawing, writing, immediate contact with surroundings

•            mental topography of a location, myth, archaic mind and genius loci

•            geology, archaeology and history of Landscape as a model of self: layers, vertical connections and labyrinths


Frank van de Ven is a dancer and choreographer who spend his formative years in Japan working with Min Tanaka and the Maijuku Performance Company. In 1993 he founded together with Katerina Bakatsaki 'Body Weather Amsterdam', a platform for training and performance. Since 1995 he conducts with Milos Sejn the interdisciplinary Bohemiae Rosa Project, connecting body and landscape with art, geology and architecture. Interest in dance and theory led to the 'How to make yourself a Dancing Body Without Organs' Project. Together with Peter Snow (Monash University) he performs the famed Thought/Action Improvisations. An ongoing collaboration exists with musician Daniel Schorno, artistic director of Steim Amsterdam.

Milos Sejn works in the fields of visual art, performance and study of visual perception. From the beginning of the 1960s he took pictures, drew, collected and described his observations of nature during his wanderings through the Czech landscape. Currently he teaches mixed media and the relationship of nature and art as intrinsic needs of the mind, and focuses on immediate creative possibilities, based upon relations between historical humanized landscapes and intact nature.

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