Vydavatelé: Vybrat

Hyacinth - Look Whos Alone Now? (LP)

Terror - Lowest Of The Low (LP BLUE)

Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site (LP)

Dropkick Murphys - Do Or Die (LP)

Aggrolites - Reggae Now! (LP)

Gray Matter - Take It Back (LP)

V/A - Beautiful Music For Beautiful People

Christ on Parade - Insanity is a Sane Reaction (2LP)

Fugazi - Fugazi

Extinction of mankind - Northern scum

Cause a riot - Pawns of war

Cock Sparrer - Guilty as charged

Crass - Stations Of The Crass

Disorder - Complete disorder

Antiproduct - Defeating silence of grinding gears

Adolescents - Live 1981 and 1986

Plexis - Live 1985 (LP)

Vision Days - Dokonalý svět

Plexis - III. (LP)

PULSE - Pillars (LP)

Versklaven - Versklaven (LP)